16 Jan: Construction of Half Log Cabin at National Scout Centre, Paro
          i.   BoQ for tender
          ii.  SBD
         iii.  Proposed log house
         iv.  Integrity pact

15 Jan: Printing of Non-Formal Education operational guidelines
          i. Notice Inviting Tender
          ii. Standard Bidding Document


15 Jan: Supply of Office equipment for Kabesa Youth Centre , Thimphu
             i. Invitation of Bids
            ii. Standard Bidding Documents

10 Jan: SBD - Designing & Printing of Youth Digest, Spring Issue -2018 report

13 Dec: Tender Documents

         i. Invitation of Proposals (Limited Enquiry)
        ii. Terms of Reference
       iii. Request for Proposal

30 Nov: Internet connectivity to schools
           i. SBD
          ii. Price shcedule
          iii. Integrity pack

23 Nov: Supply of sports equipments for 14th National School Games & National School Football and Traditional Archery for HSS, 2017

9 Nov: Printing of Certificates for TPSD, DSE
1. Invitation of Bids
2. Standard Bidding Documents
3. Certificate for Attendance
4. Certificate for Commandation
5. Certificate for Appreciation

6 Nov: Renewal of ESET Endpoint Protection Standard Edition Antivirus with file security

          1. Invitation of Bids

          2.  Letter

10 Oct: Tender documents for "Printing of the Education Policy Guidelines and Instructions" for PPD  (Limited Enquiry)

4 Oct: Tender documents 
            1. Invitation of Bids
            2. Request for Proposal (RFP)
            3. Terms of References (ToR)
3 Oct: Tender documents 
           3. Specifications for Scout Scroll
21. Sept: Tender document for Sport Equipment
          1. Invitation of Bids
           2. Standard Bidding Documents
21 Sept: Documents for Printing
              1. Addendum for printing(25 September, 2017)
              2. Invitation of Bids
               3. Standard Bidding Documents
21 Sept: Tender documents
             1. Invitation of Bids
              2. Request for Proposal 
              3. Terms of References
              4. Proposed schedule
07 Sept: Procurement & supply of Pressure cooker & Rice Cooker
        i. NIT
       ii. SBD
      iii. Technical specifications 
28 Aug: Supply of Buses & Utility Van for Central Schools
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD
24 Aug: Construction of embarkment by providingand lying dry earth in horizontal layers and providing & laying of second-class brick work in foundation & plinth-in cement motor
    i. NIT
   ii. SBD
21 Aug: Procurement & supply of Computers & Accessories to Schools for 2017 - 2018 FY
      i. Invitation fo bids
     ii. SBD
    iii. Price Schedule Form
   iv. Technical Specifications
18 Aug: Supply of Bookshelves & Library Books
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD (Bookshelves)
    iii. SBD (Library Books)
    iv. Price schedule form (library books)

18 Aug: Supply of Office Equipments for YCD, DYS
      i. NIT
     ii. SBD
20 July: Printing of Annual Education Statistics Report 2017
      i. Notice Inviting Tender
     ii. SBD (printing)
17 July: Development of a Strategy Document for the National School Feeding Programme 
       i. RFP (SHND, DSE)
      ii. Strategic Vision for School Nutrition in Bhutan
     iii. TOR
17 July: Furniture & Stationery for schools
       i. Notice Inviting Tender
       ii. SBD (School furniture)
       iii. SBD (school stationery)
19 June: Supply of Chemicals & Science equipments
        i. Schedule of supply
       ii. Rates for equipment, glassware and chemical
      iii. Forwarding letter
19 June: Limited quotation (venue to conduct ToT)
07 June: Limited Tender for hiring of HRD building,MOE
         2. Terms and conditions
26 May: Limited enquiry for printing of Education Guidelines & Instructions
      i. Invitation for limited enquiry
      ii. SBD - printing
23 May: Printing & supply of School Textbooks (REC Publication Books) for 2018 Academic year.
Purchase & supply of School Textbooks & TLMs (outside publication books) for 2018 academic year
     i.  Invitation of Bids
     ii. Price schedule - outside publication 
    iii. Price schedule - REC publication 
    iv. Printing specification - REC publication
    v. SBD - outside publication
    vi.SBD - REC publication   

 29 Aug: Annual Quotation rates for toner catridges & paper for 2017 - 2018 FY as approved by GPPMD, DNP, MoF.

           i. Delivery Schedule (Paper) 
          II. Delivery schedule all catridges 
          iii. Contact number of bidders 
          iv. Comparative statement (paper) 
          v. Comparative statement (printer catridges) 
         vi. Comparative statement (photocopier catridges) 
        vii. Comparative statement (fax catridges)


19 June: Supply of Chemicals & Lab equipments to schools 2017 - 2018


Air Quotation

13 Dec: Air Fare Quotation

14 Aug: Paro - Bangkok - Canada

14 Aug: Paro - Bangkok - United Kingdom 

19 July: Bangkok - Maldives - Bangkok

20 May: Paro - Delhi - Paro / Bhagdora - Delhi - Bhagdora

01 May: Delhi - Lhadak - Delhi

28 Apr: Bkk - Seoul (Korea) - Bkk

14 Apr: Paro - Singapore - Paro

12 Apr: Bkk - Moscow - Bkk

07 Apr: Paro - Delhi - Paro