HPE training

The Games and Sports Division of the Department of Youth and Sports will be organizing the HPE trainings for Punakha and Tsirang Clusters as mentioned below:

10th – 16th January 2018, Khuruthang MSS: Reporting Time 8:30am on 10th Jan.2018

18th – 24th January 2018, Damphu CS: Reporting Time 8:30am on 18th Jan.2018

All participants must report to the respective camp as mentioned above, and also bring comfortable sports outfits for outdoor activities besides the formal dress. It may also mention that all participants must bring Relieving order or Office order. The nomination as done by the respective Dzongkhag/Thromde is attached. For further clarifications, contact Mr. Nima Gyeltshen at mobile No. 17602631.

Punakha cluster list

Tsirang cluster list